Pushing Back on Investor Purchases

By David Langlieb As Reinhold Niebuhr’s serenity prayer advises, it is wise to accept the things we cannot change. The rub is that what can’t change is often unclear. At the Philadelphia Accelerator Fund (PAF), we’ve spent many restless hours contemplating Niebuhr’s...

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Hair, Nails, and Defending the Progressive State

By David Langlieb Here’s a challenge I’d put some money behind: provide me with a compelling, substantive public interest-based reason—for why it takes 1,250 hours of training to become a licensed barber in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Or why a Pennsylvania...

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Lessons From St. Louis

By David Langlieb In 1947, renowned Philadelphia planner Ed Bacon presented a vision for the city's future at the Better Philadelphia Exhibition, an innovative effort to engage the public in the city’s postwar development. Bacon organized the exhibition with...

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On Land and Liberty: Tyler v. Hennepin County

By David Langlieb At the Philadelphia Accelerator Fund, part of our mission is to encourage homeownership by financing affordable for-sale housing. The American tradition, at least in an aspirational sense, is to promote property ownership as a way for the citizenry...

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Where Are the Customers’ Yachts?

Eighty-Five Years Later and They Still Don’t Exist By David Langlieb Finance is a peculiar business, and we at the Philadelphia Accelerator Fund do not pretend to understand more than we do. Like most, we were surprised and unnerved by the recent Silicon Valley Bank...

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The Limits of Credit Reporting

Written by David Langlieb Like most lenders, the Philadelphia Accelerator Fund typically requires that our borrowers personally guarantee our loans. While we don’t look forward to enforcing these personal guarantees and certainly don’t like taking borrowers to court,...

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